Academic and Professional Development

The Academic and Professional Development Committee address any academic concerns raised by members of the student body. Additionally, it initiates and organizes activities that will enhance professional development, including career placement, research opportunities, and higher education. This committee works closely with the Center for Engineering Career Development and the SEAS administration.

Below are the major activities that the committee carries out:

  • Peer Advising - This program facilitates the development of relationships between first-years and upperclassmen by assigning first-years peer advisors to help them transit from high school to college life during fall orientation each August.

  • E-Week Lecture Series – During E-Week, the committee hosts a lecture series that allows students to learn from professionals in academia as well as the workplace allowing for students to ask questions about experiences as a professional after college life. Past lecture series have included inventors, entrepreneurs, and professionals from private practice, government organizations, and higher education.

  • First/Second Year Workshops - Class workshops serve as a professional development tool for first and second years that are getting ready to explore internship or research opportunities. Additionally, more initiatives are in preparation for foreseeable academic challenges such as writing workshops and test taking strategies. This program is in collaboration with CECD’s academic workshops efforts.

  • First Year Major Panels – The body works closely with the administration and ESC’s First Year Council to plan a number of major-related events that lead up to the major applications each Spring.

Committee Directors (2016-2017)
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Alex Kenan
Sohum Shirgaonkar