Engineer’s Week

What is E-Week?

Engineer’s Week is the weeklong celebration of engineering, with events being held by the UVa Engineering Student Council in conjunction with many Engineering School CIOs. With our School of Engineering celebrating its 180th anniversary this year, we really want to highlight what engineers do with fun, educational, and creative events that span the week. Each day, there is free food, interactive events, and swag giveaways.

What is the Theme?

This year’s theme is “E-Swift Week” with a subtle hint at our very favorite musician “T-Swift.” There will be both events that do and don’t incorporate the theme. Get pumped, use the hashtag #ESwiftWeek2016 at any event you go to on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

E-Points: Only certain events

Throughout the week, during certain events, you can get your E-Points Card stamped by an Engineering Student Council (ESC) representative. If you get 3 or more stamps, you will receive a FREE Cup/Mug/Pint Glass. If you collect 8 or more stamps, you will receive a FREE T-Shirt/Sweater/Merch! Collect your E-Point card at the major events of the week on Monday and Tuesday!