Student-Taught Classes

The Spring 2017 Student-Taught class application period has ended. Check back soon for information about the Fall.

Beginning in Spring 2013, the Engineering Student Council and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UVa have managed the Student Taught Classes (STC) program. The program was created to provide students an opportunity to learn skills not taught traditionally at UVa but are needed for industry and/or academia.

How are they offered?

1 Credit, Pass/Fail – You can sign up via SIS (UVa’s course registry service). Each class has a faculty advisor from the focus area being taught. Classes are listed under the faculty advisor’s name, typically with the 1501 Designator.

So you want to teach?

Do you have something you are passionate enough about that you want to teach your fellow students everything you know and then some? Stay on the lookout for applications this April 2016.

Current Courses:

BME 1501: Current Research in Regenerative Medicine II

Instructors: Cara Broshkevitch ( & Naveed Tavakol (

Time: Wednesdays, 5-5:50pm

How are they offered?

Course Description: This 1-credit pass/fail course is designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of current research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The course is designed to help students gain technical skills associated with report writing, presentation, and discussion on scientific materials. Students will have the opportunity to delve into a variety of topics relating to regenerative medicine, analyzing some of the most recent literature in the fields of stem cell, tissue, onco-, and neural engineering. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to dissect an article to the fullest degree, breaking down a paper to its bare content. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers, participate in lab activities, and attend field trips that are unique to tissue regeneration. This is the perfect course for students interested in pursuing research or students just getting started in the field.

APMA 1501: Mathematical Techniques for Engineers

Instructor: Arun Kannan (

Time: Thursdays, 5-5:50pm

Course Description: Engineers need a broad perspective in order to approach problems from different viewpoints. However, by specializing in a specific field, engineers might miss out on some of the techniques used by other disciplines, which could in turn have expanded their skillsets. This course seeks to introduce several of these methods. Topics range broadly, from physics to computer science to finance, but there is a sequential connection between topics. For a complete list of topics, see the course schedule in the syllabus. These topics will be developed through a case study, where each week problems in a different field are solved by establishing the appropriate mathematical framework. There is a heavy emphasis on problem solving. Students will also visualize their answers in Mathematica and learn how to use the professional typesetting system LaTeX, an academic and industry standard.