About us


Who We Are

Engineering Student Council (ESC) is a Special Status Organization of the University of Virginia and the representative body for undergraduate students of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). ESC provides a cohesive voice for the school’s undergraduate student body. The members of the council are entrusted with maintaining concern for SEAS students’ opinions and needs.

ESC members engage in direct and regular communication with the SEAS administration and faculty. Members serve on administrative and faculty committees and collaborate with Professors and Administrators in the planning and execution of events and programs. Throughout, the council serves as a learning experience, providing opportunities for increased responsibilities and professional development.

Our Board

The council is composed of ten standing committees, as well as six representative groups. Each standing committee is led by two directors. Together, the committee directors and representatives make up the ESC Board, which is led by the executive members of the council. The council is representative of the general undergraduate engineering student population in that council members are from all class years and departments.

Executive board

President: Mary-Michael Robertson
Email: mr4rb@virginia.edu

Vice President: Allison Horenberg
Email: alh9qw@virginia.edu

Fourth Year President: Dany Chaillo
Email: mdc3tb@virginia.edu

Treasurer: Bhavya Ravigopal
Email: br2bc@virginia.edu

Secretary: Camryn Burley
Email: cjb3ca@virginia.edu