SEAS Tours


Tours of the Engineering School are coordinated by ESC’s Visitation & Undergraduate Recruitment Committee and given by members of the Engineering Guide Service. If your are interested in joining the Engineering Guide Service, contact the current committee chairs to find out when the next opportunity to try out will be.

Tours are held Monday through Saturday (except for Saturdays of home football games) at 1:00 p.m. School tours end the last day of classes (May 3rd) and resume on June 1st through the summer. No reservations are necessary. Sessions and tours are accessible to persons using wheelchairs.

The tours begin in the lobby of Thornton Hall, where prospective students and their families can also view displays of student and faculty achievements and pick up publications and literature about the Engineering School.

Additional tours are also offered during our annual Engineering Open House in February and during Days on the Lawn for admitted students.

Travel & Activities Fund


The Engineering Student Council recognizes that current, involved students are SEAS’s best ambassadors. Students have the potential to further the School’s programs and enhance the reputation of the School by forming organizations for engineers, getting involved in the local community, attending conferences, participating in scientific competitions, and more. In recognition of this, the Engineering Student Council (ESC) has created a Student Travel and Activities Fund (TAF) to help support and finance these efforts.

It is important to note that TAF is a budget maintained by the UVa Engineering Budget Office. This limits ESC’s ability to immediately provide the requested sum to a student/student organization. Therefore, all TAF rewards will be made with a reimbursement. If an applicant is granted an allocation, a reimbursement must be filed for the approved value after the completion of an event or activity. To be eligible for a reimbursement, the applicant is required to turn in all related financial documents, including all proof of expenses.

Applications that outline travel or activities in the recent past may be accepted if the proper documentation is attached (i.e. applying after the trip already happened).

The Engineering Student Council would like to give more opportunities to students by introducing a separate TAF to students and engineering organizations:


a) If you are student applying for TAF and granted an allocation, please proceed with your event, activity or travel, and turn in the reimbursement as listed in the remainder of this document.

b) If you are part of a group/organization, this year, groups are required to turn in reimbursements and all necessary documents together. Individuals in the organization are still expected to turn fill out individual reimbursement forms, when applicable. Any reimbursement turned in separately will be returned to the individual. If there are further questions regarding this, please email


  1. Grants will be made only to SEAS undergraduates and/or student organizations recognized by the University of Virginia Engineering Student Council.
  2. All grant applications are due in electronic form to each semester as designated by the ESC Treasurer. The current application cycle is closed.
  3. The applicant will be required to state the purpose for which the grant is requested. The applicant should justify the proposed use of the grant and its importance.
  4. All applications must contain a proposed budget showing a breakdown of anticipated costs.
  5. Applications will be reviewed in light of their potential to further academic and professional development of students and/or enhance the reputation of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  6. Funding will not be provided for the following:

    - Food or beverages

    - Books or subscriptions to magazines or journals

    - Study abroad

    - Resume books or newsletters

    - T-shirts or any clothing items

    - Any group or individual not associated with the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia

  7. Applicants who wish to host a local event might be asked to give a brief presentation at an ESC board meeting in addition to completing an application. Details will be provided with allocation decisions.
  8. All applicants will be notified of allocation decisions a week after applications close. If approved, the applicant is to reply to to accept or decline the offer within 48 hours. All paperwork will be turned into the ESC office, Thornton Hall B119.
  9. Accounting procedures, and further information, for the fund will also be explained in greater detail upon approval. ESC may request additional documentation or materials after initial submission of the application, in which case the applicant will be contacted via email.

Please forward all questions regarding the Travel and Activities Fund to

Proof of Expenses

This document outlines examples for proof of expenditures and any related paperwork. If an applicant is granted a TAF allocation, in order to receive a reimbursement, he/she must turn in proof of the event, activity, or travel. Failure to do so may delay or halt the reimbursement process. If granted an allocation, a reimbursement form will be emailed to the applicant along with the acceptance email. To be eligible for a reimbursement, one or more of the following documents are required:

  1. Receipts for all materials or resources used:
    1. For an event
    2. For an activity
    3. For a project funded by TAF
    4. For travel
  2. For any travel, local, domestic, or international, it is also required to have one or more of the following:
  3. Boarding pass (required if an applicant is traveling by airplane, bus, or train)
  4. Ticket purchase confirmation
  5. Flight itinerary (this alone is not proof of travel)
  6. Lodging proof (a receipt of your stay)
  7. Gas receipt
  8. Taxi receipt
  • For conferences or conventions, proof of registration is required.

Please note, a bank statement is not sufficient enough proof for expenditures.

Please forward all questions regarding the Travel and Activities Fund, or what qualifies for proof of expenditures, to