The Fundraising Committee is in charge of raising revenue for council events. The main source of this funding comes from the sale of the infamous “I Are An Engineer” t-shirts and our “You Know You’ve been in Stacks too long when…” t-shirts. The committee also applies for grants and explores opportunities for corporate sponsorship on ESC’s behalf.

This Semester:

The Fundraising Committee has spent this semester trying to think of ways for us to do more of the community than simply the merchandise design and sale. We met with our committee multiple times and are working on making more fundraising events like restaurant nights, bake sales, and charity merchandise drives (where old merchandise is sold for discounted prices and 100% of  the proceeds are donated to a charity or scholarship fund). Additionally, the Fundraising Committee hosted a very successful Bagels on the Lawn at an altered time which seemed to work really well. We held a merchandise design contest which was very productive and led to a wonderful new design for the t-shirt being sold. This semester we decided to run the sale fully through the bookstore to avoid unnecessary purchase of excess merchandise. We sold the items at a price point a bit above cost in order to generate some profit for ESC. Overall, it was a successful semester.