Health and wellness

 Nayiri Krzysztofowicz

Nayiri Krzysztofowicz


Established in 2015, the Health and Wellness Committee (HAWC) is dedicated to ensuring opportunities for engineers of all years to maintain physical and mental health throughout the school year. As engineers, it is easy to focus solely on schoolwork and forget to take care of our health (both physically and emotionally), and so we strive to provide events that encourage engineers to be aware of and maintain health and wellness. Here are some events the committee has put on in the past year:

  • Sustained Dialogue: Event to promote discussion among engineers on a wide variety of topics that cover the School of Engineering and the University community.
  • Yoga Night: In cooperation with the Aquatic and Fitness Center, ESC provided free yoga sessions for interested engineers this Fall.
  • Shake off the Stress: During E-Week this Spring, HAWC will be giving away free smoothies during their event that promotes personal relaxation and wellness through de-stressing.

This Semester:

The Health and Wellness Committee created many new events this semester to help promote physical and mental wellness! We hosted a weekly Yoga in Darden event that included Raja Yoga and Meditation to promote mindfulness. Additionally, we co-hosted a Bicentennial Scavenger Hunt with the Communications Committee. This event included clues to 10 different historical places around grounds that allowed engineers to learn about the historical past of UVA and to get moving! The group that completed the hunt the fastest and the group that had the most creative selfies taken at each clue location were given giftcards to Roots. Another very successful event was a trip to Carter’s Mountain to bond with other engineers and enjoy apple picking season. Lastly, we co-hosted a destress event with the Third Year Committee during finals week where we handed out pamphlets with destressing tips. For next semester, we plan to start doing self defense classes at the AFC and to continue co-hosting events with other committees to promote healthy habits.