study abroad



Zach Martin

Ariana Zimmerman


The Study Abroad and Experiential Learning Committee was formed to raise awareness of international opportunities, increase participation in study abroad programs, and strengthen the global culture in SEAS. The committee has representatives from various engineering majors who are responsible for researching and promoting both the study abroad programs offered through UVA, as well as outside programs offering transfer credit. Additionally, the committee has focused on producing information sheets that list the various study abroad options for each specific major in order to improve accessibility of already available study abroad resources.

Goals for the Year

  • Make already available study abroad resources more readily available

  • Make the process of studying abroad easier

  • Discover more study abroad/research opportunities

  • Connect students going abroad with fellow engineering students going to same programs

Highlighted Events

  • Study Abroad Workshop: Students speak and answer questions about their study abroad experiences. Distribution of information sheets with study abroad options through UVA and transfer credit equivalences for outside programs.

  • Study Abroad Coffee Chats: Students interested in a study abroad program are matched with students who have previously studied abroad in the same program/region of the world to discuss the experience, give advice, and answer any questions.

  • Study Abroad Reunion Dinners: Students have the opportunity to reunite with their friends from their study abroad program and receive a free dinner at a restaurant on the corner.