Last fall, after partnering with the Second Year Representatives on the Renewable Research Fair, Sydney Applegate, one of new co-directors, realized that there was a multitude of improvements that could be implemented to make ESC and the E-School at large more sustainable. Early this semester, she met with ESC President Naveed Tavakol to discuss the creation of a new committee. As the idea had been introduced at the ESC retreat in August, many members were interested in the overarching goals to improve infrastructure across the E-School, sustainability education, and to integrate sustainable practices into all of the ESC committees. The board voted to approve the committee on sustainability, co-directors were interviewed and selected, and then the co-directors hit the ground running.

E-Week Event + Sustainability goals for ESC's events (zero-waste)

As an initial start to the committee, the directors initiated an E-week event, SEAdS for Sustainability! The committee had a great time handing out wildflower seeds in peat pots for students to take home and plant. Talking to engineers about how we can help protect pollinators, as well as, chatting with everyone about sustainability and our goals as a committee was really fun. Another initiative we are starting within ESC is to make all ESC events zero waste events.

Next Year Goals

The directors are already getting started on our work for next year, as they hope to incorporate sustainability education into the first year Intro to Engineering Classes. Since we do not have a committee yet, we are also extremely excited to start one in the Fall. In addition, the committee is looking forward to partnering with the architect’s office and go over some of the upcoming construction plans for the E-School buildings to see if we can add any sustainable features.